Thank you everybody who came down August 30 to JD's benefit, what a beautiful day! You raised over $7,000 for him, how great is that. Thanks again all.
This first week of September I am off and am using it to rest and re-energize.

Next week Sept 10, Eef and the Blues Express will host the monthly blues jam at the Toad. I will play a tune on the bass, oh boy ;)
September 12, I will play a show with the Diva's on Fire in Springfield MO.

Just in: Eef and the Blues Express playing the Denver Loft Sessions, Oct 10, 4pm, Denver 8 TV

Blues on!


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All Rivers Run To The Sea: CD

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Released Jan 2015
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Derryberry's Recording Studio, Arvada CO
Songs: The Elword Blues; The Blues Express; All Rivers Run To The Sea; You're Only Fooling Yourself; Dynamite; I Want My Baby Back I Need You To Leave Me Alone